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SaaS company Mediaocean revamps VILT services to increase reach and customer satisfaction




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Mediaocean is powering the future of the advertising ecosystem with technology solutions that empower brands and agencies ​to deliver impactful omnichannel marketing experiences. With over $200 billion in annualized media spend managed through its software, Mediaocean uses AI and machine learning to control media investments and optimize business outcomes. The company’s advertising infrastructure and ad tech tools are used by more than 100,000 people to power campaigns from planning, buying, ad serving, and creative personalization to analysis, optimization, invoices, and payments. Visit for more information.


Mediaocean has a globally distributed customer base, and with shifts in work trends, they knew they had to scale and improve VILT fast. They were firm believers in Hands-on training and saw that their show-and-do classes make the most impact with customers. However, they were limited by the tools they were using, and needed to find new ways to maintain a top-notch learning experience, training engagement, and scale remote hands-on workshops.

Complicated student access

The third-party tools Mediaocean used previously for education required downloading which led to regular delays at the beginning of each class, as well as technical issues.

They often had to resort back to delivering passive webinars, which wasn’t a good enough service for the goal.

Learners losing interest mid-session

Mediaocean got feedback that people enjoyed the hands-on portions of the classes but they also had to distribute product environments, which broke the flow of the show-and-do and led to drop-off in engagement. When people stopped clicking and following along, they couldn't understand whether students were there or not.

“We needed to find ways to keep engagement up. Our show and do format wasn’t fluid enough, using manual process to get our learners start hands-on practice”
Dan Braithwaite, Director of Product Training

Keeping a level of service expected by their brand

Every time Mediaocean wanted the learners to switch to hands-on practice they had to manually push the environments to the learners which created a lot of idle time and drop in engagement. Mediaocean couldn't support the premium experience they wanted to deliver to their customers.


Mediaocean assessed Strigo's virtual classroom capabilities in comparison to other offerings in the virtual training space. Some of the key features in Strigo's product that Mediaocean valued were

The ability to see what people are doing during class

meant they could monitor their progress and engagement and coach them when needed in many different ways.

Automatic environment assignments

meant that they could save precious time on manual lab assignments at the beginning of each class.

Simple, web-based access

meant there was less time spent on troubleshooting miscellaneous joining issues.

Through close work with Strigo’s sales and onboarding teams, they found Strigo to be the ideal partner on both the product and the organizational level, as they found an organization that was interested in them as a business and helping them solve their challenge.

“For us to provide the best experience, we really wanted to engage our customers at a different level; With Strigo we can see all of the screens in front of us, who's actually following along and who's not”
Dan Braithwaite, Director of Product Training


From a limited VILT offering to engaging hands-on workshops

Strigo enabled Mediaocean to deliver high-end training experiences to customers, helping them echo their brand’s reputation while building savvy advocates for their products. With Strigo, Mediaocean was able to hone in on what they knew works - hands-on training, and deliver that at scale to their customers around the globe.

Improved customer NPS

With better-trained customers who know how to get the most value out of their solutions, Mediaocean saw a 20% increase in customer satisfaction with customers trained through Strigo.

Better trainer utilization

Better classroom management meant Mediaocean could fit more students into a class while maintaining high quality. They increased the average class size from 10 to 15, allowing them to train more customers without increasing their team size.

Increased course demand

The highly engaging training sessions made the VILT service much more desirable, leading to a 24% increase in volume.

“For us Strigo is used in the sales pitch. It is a differentiator that we can offer this level of service from a training perspective.”
Dan Braithwaite, Director of Product Training

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