Turn customers into product experts with hands-on training

Embed labs into your website or academy

Build, manage and track labs with ease

Deliver unforgettable live training experiences

Provide a hassle-free learning experience

Customers access their practice labs within the context of their course, creating a frictionless learner journey. Hands-on training takes place in disposable sandboxes, with simulated data, and without requiring any assistance from their IT team in case anything goes wrong.

Embed in your LMS or website

Side-by-side exercises

SSO supported

Enjoy higher engagement and completion rates

The frictionless learner journey and hands-on nature of the training creates a much more engaging experience, leading to happier learners, better completion rates and overall knowledge retention.

Boost your company's brand with memorable VILT experiences

Forget one-way lectures and introduce active, hands-on learning experiences your customers will love. Observe the entire class in real time  and witness firsthand how learners interact with your software, easily track their progress and offer timely assistance.

“Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth”

Rocio Diskin  | Sr. Global Education Operations Manager

Elastic fuels business growth with hands-on education

How can Strigo help you?

Increase product adoption

You will quickly gain productive users as they interact with highly engaging, hands-on experiences that cover both the theoretical "whys" and practical "hows."

Improve customer retention

Active, hands-on training enhances your customers' ability to solve real-world problems using your product, thereby increasing their lifetime value.

Lower customer dependency on support

Learning by doing results in well-educated customers who are significantly less dependent on support.

Evolve your software training today!