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Elastic Scales Customer Education & Grows its Business

The company has succeeded in growing its training operation to meet growing customer demand, with an increase in training subscriptions and product license renewals.

How Zenika grew their training sales & CSAT with Strigo’s virtual training platform

Zenika's success with the Strigo platform went beyond all expectations, enabling the company to successfully grow its training program and its business.

SaaS company Mediaocean revamps VILT services to increase reach and customer satisfaction

Strigo enabled Mediaocean to deliver high-end training experiences to customers, helping them echo their brand's reputation while building savvy advocates for their products.

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Don't waste money on IT resources that aren't being used. Scale your IT resources up or down as needed.

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Give your trainers superpowers, such as the ability to see all learners' screens, one-click collaboration, and real-time engagement data, and watch their performance skyrocket.

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We understand the work that goes into building and growing your training activity, and we’re here to support you along your way, with flexible, pay-as-you-go plans and more.

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