Trust at Strigo

Trust is woven into the fabric of Strigo. We employ best-in-class practices and tools to uphold security, privacy, and availability, ensuring the continuous trust of our customers.

Our security

Security is essential for successful training teams, which is why we integrate it into every aspect of our products and operations.

AWS-powered trust

Strigo's software is on secure AWS facilities in Ireland. Amazon provides extensive compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 13 and ISO 27001.

Network vigilance

Vulnerability scans and strict security groups keep our network secure.

Tested and retested

Regular testing, including third-party penetration checks, is conducted to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Always encrypted

Strigo encrypts all data types, both at rest and in transit.


SSO with SAML and G-Suite, hashed passwords, and audit logging enhance data security.

Security practices

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Code development follows a documented SDLC, and our process includes mandatory code reviews, security evaluations of sensitive code and architecture, as well as distinct development, testing, and production environments.

Employee training

Strigo employees receive annual security and privacy training, ensuring adherence to best practices and compliance.

Background screening

Strigo performs background checks on all candidates chosen for full-time employment.

Vendor compliance

Before adopting any third-party tools, Strigo conducts a compliance review and approval process to ensure adherence to standards.

Risk assessment

Strigo conducts regular risk assessments to identify and address security, availability, and privacy risks.

Your privacy

We are committed to safeguarding your data, employing robust measures to ensure its utmost protection and confidentiality.

Server locations

Your data is stored in AWS data centers in Ireland, while servers relaying data to virtual labs in the cloud are globally distributed and configurable based on your preferences.

Data segregation

Customer data is organized in logical segregation within the Strigo service, ensuring that your data remains distinct and separate from the information of other users.

Access control

Data access and authorizations are provided on a need-to-know basis and based on the principle of least privilege.

Data Protection Officer

Strigo has appointed a DPO who is responsible for ensuring compliance with privacy protection.

Data Processing Addendum

Strigo provides a comprehensive DPA as part of its terms of service to ensure transparency and compliance as a processor of customer data.


Strigo is engineered for continuous uptime and enterprise scalability. We offer full transparency into system status and performance.

Guaranteed uptime

Strigo offers its customers 24/7 support and a 99.9% uptime commitment, providing transparency in real-time and historical service status.

Business continuity

Strigo backs up data in a replicated data center within the same jurisdictional area and performs routine recovery procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of your data.


SOC-2 (Type II)

Strigo is SOC-2 (Type II) compliant, certified through third-party assessments and independent audits.


Strigo is committed to complying with global laws and regulations, including GDPR as a data processor and CCPA as a service provider.

Report an issue

Security reporting

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in our products or services, please contact the Strigo Security Team at

Privacy reporting

If you believe you have found a privacy issue affecting our products or services, please contact the Strigo Privacy Team at

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