We are Strigo

And we’re on a mission to make software training impactful by enabling better hands-on training at scale

How did it all start?

Our journey began with a team of experts who previously operated a consulting firm specializing in technical training. We proudly empowered startups and companies from around the globe, equipping them with the essential skills to thrive in the digital landscape. Throughout our voyage, we encountered a variety of IT challenges that tested our mettle, including malfunctioning labs and complex setup/configuration issues. These stumbling blocks consumed valuable time and financial resources, compelling us to seek a more efficient and transformative solution.

The early days

In a world where software permeates every aspect of our lives and staying ahead of the game requires continuous skill development, Strigo emerged with a profound understanding of the challenges at hand. Our mission? To reinvent the way we learn software through immersive, hands-on experiences.


Strigo stands as the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of a better solution. Our software training platform seamlessly bridges the gap between theory and practice, revolutionizing technical training by providing a comprehensive, collaborative, and hassle-free hands-on learning environment.


Offices in Tel Aviv and New York


Happy learners worldwide


Training hours

Leadership team

Daniel Wolf
CEO and Co-founder
Nevo Peretz
CBO and Co-founder
Amit Cohen
COO and Co-founder
Ben Shoval
VP Product and Co-founder

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