Get technical users excited about your product

Technical users like developers, engineers, and DevOps professionals prefer interacting with your product before purchasing.

Strigo's solutions allow your technical prospects to get a hands-on experience with your product in live, disposable environments.

Developers want to be educated, enabled, and inspired, not persuaded

Let users explore with self-guided product sanboxes

Engaging developers with standard sales & marketing tactics simply doesn’t work. Strigo allows you to create immersive, guided, sterile and controlled product environments, where your users can try the product hands-on - all by themselves.

Go from boring webinars to interactive hands-on workshops

Forget one-way lectures and introduce active, hands-on product workshops your technical users will love. Strigo's classroom allows you to engage your technical users by letting them practice hands-on, while your team members can witness firsthand everyone's screens, interact seamlessly in real-time, track progress and offer timely assistance.

Track engagement and identify the strongest prospects

Identifying the prospects with the highest intent is crucial for your sales team. Strigo helps you nurish and identify engaged technical prospects by taking them through meaningful, engaging product experiences and measuring their level of engagement throughout the proccess.

“Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth”

Rocio Diskin  | Sr. Global Education Operations Manager

Elastic fuels business growth with hands-on education

How can Strigo help you?

Drive higher engagement in your marketing funnel

Emebedding hands-on live product environments into your marketing materials drives your customers to engage, effectively letting developers try your product, this way improving the likelihood of them proceeding to buy your product

Build advocacy and shorten time-to value

Prospects immediately start seeing value from your product through guided, hands-on experiences, taking place in live product sandboxes. Getting your prospects into the product at early stages helps drive shorter time to value and faster sale cycles.

Eliminate operational and technical overhead

Easily create and manage disposable product environments for your prospects with a fully managed service, drastically reducing your dependency on development and IT resources.

Evolve your software training today!