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Supercharge your training, workshops, and go-to-market initiatives with flexible and scalable hands-on labs.

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Virtualize any product or technology

Lab templates

Get started quickly with pre-configured lab setups for Linux, Windows, Kubernetes, Microsoft Office, and more.

Custom labs

Does your product require a specific setup? No problem! Bring your own image or build one with our lab recorder.

Disposable cloud accounts

Meet any infrastructure need with temporary AWS cloud accounts to replicate complex environments.

Embed anywhere

Embed your hands-on labs directly into web pages and LMS platforms for a seamless, engaging learning experience.

Lab features

Guided experience

Build engaging hands-on challenges, share images, videos, files and quizzes. Easily manage everything using Git.

Automatic validations & grading

Configure custom validation scripts to automate
the process of checking and grading your
learners' work.

Tracking and reporting

Track learners' progress as they go through the training. Learn what works and what doesn't to drive continuous improvement to your content.

Scheduling and enrollments

Set up user access controls to define enrollment durations, limit course availability, and manage idle timeouts. Enroll learners seamlessly once configurations are in place.

Customizable interfaces

Offer your content through a variety of interfaces, including desktop, command-line, web pages, and code editors, for maximum learner convenience.

Support for live training

Integrate natively with Strigo Classroom, a virtual classroom specifically designed for live, hands-on product training. Benefit from unique features such as real-time learner monitoring and dedicated training assistants.

Level up your customer experience

Software training

Enhance skills for customers, partners, and team members.

Demos & POCs

Spin up demos, POCs, and learning content that acquires leads and accelerates deals.

Hands-on workshops

Deliver interactive, results-oriented live and virtual sessions that make learners experts.

“Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth.”

Rocio Diskin | Sr. Global Education Operations Manager, Elastic

“Strigo's team is very flexible and accommodating to our needs as a large enterprise.”

Steve Fister | Site Reliability Engineer - Education, Tibco

“Strigo helps us identify what works and what doesn’t work, allowing us to continually improve our classes and provide more value to our learners.”

Marc DiPasquale | Director of Developer Advocacy, Solace

“Strigo ticks all boxes from easy implementation, ease of use, great UI, and stable technical performance.”

Lene' Eksteen | Learning Services Manager, The Access Group

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How does it work?

Create engaging experiences

Set up your desired lab configuration and build engaging hands-on challenges, tailored to your software’s functionalities. For added flexibility, you can choose to manage your content in Github or directly in Strigo's.

Simple distribution and learner access

Strigo's labs allow you to streamline and simplify your learners' journey in both self-paced and live training. The embeddable option simplifies access through your existing LMS while the stand-alone and live options offer a fuller learning experience.

Learn by doing

Users see your software's value firsthand while learning how to operate it through hands-on challenges. Real-time validations help users build their expertise, as they explore your software at their own pace.

Measure success

Track usage patterns, completion and satisfaction rates. Easily export your data or integrate with the rest of your stack for a holistic measuring of the business impact you’re making.

Evolve your software training today!