Manage your training partners with ease

Outsourcing customer training as a software vendor offers numerous benefits, yet managing it effectively can be challenging. Strigo simplifies the process, granting you complete control over content delivery and training partner operations.

Get visibility and control over your outsourced training operation

Having invested time and effort in selecting training partners, it's crucial to consistently oversee content distribution, ensure training quality, and accurately calculate royalties. Strigo provides a tailored solution for these tasks, ensuring your outsourcing venture thrives.

Quickly roll out content and lab changes

Strigo offers an easy way to distribute your training content and labs to keep up with constant changes to the product.

Enforce sunset of old materials

Make sure all external trainers are using the right version of content and labs.

Manage access control

Easily run experiments with simple access control to do selective rollouts.

Get real-time access to all training data

All of the training data is available to you, including attendance and engagement reporting, so you don't need to rely on partner-side reporting.

Easily identify issues or faulty reporting

All of the delivery, tracking, and reporting happens within the same solution, so it's always easy to track down and analyze any activity to resolve a dispute.

Spectate live events

Take a peek into live sessions and get a first-hand experience of how your training is being delivered.

Watch recordings

All of the training sessions can be recorded, so you can monitor your training activity asynchronously.

Dive into learner engagement data

Get an in-depth look at how your customers are engaging with your content and the trainers.

“Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth”

Rocio Diskin | Sr. Global Education Operations Manager

Elastic fuels business growth with hands-on education

How can Strigo help you?

Ensure training consistency

Strigo helps you make sure your training partners are always using the correct materials, providing you with easy-to-use yet powerful content distribution tools.

Prevent royalty miscalculations and disputes

Cut all the manual IT work by streamlining labs for all learners.

Ensure a high-level training experience

Go beyond instructor-led training and offer on-demand practice environment that complement the live training.

Evolve your software training today!