Take your training business to the next level

Differentiate your training brand

Save pre-course setup time and hassle

Expand your training offering

Give customers the VIP training experience they deserve

Deliver professional, enterprise-grade IT training with the best tools in the market. Your customers will appreciate not having to waste time on cumbersome technical setups and you will be able to focus on what you do best.

Frictionless browser-based lab access

Train in highly-secured environments

Offer learners post-session lab access

Expend your training services by selling self-served access to labs once the live session is over. Your customers will appreciate the flexibility and you can expand the value you get from each deal.

Cater to your customers' needs with remote and hybrid training

Deliver amazing training sessions no matter the venue. Some of the learners want to connect from home? No problem! Strigo's classroom ensures a captivated audience and a frictionless training experience in physical, remote, or hybrid classrooms.

“Zenika's success with the Strigo platform went beyond all expectations, enabling the company to successfully grow its training program and its business.”

Olivier Huber  | Training and Development Manager

How Zenika grew their training sales & CSAT with Strigo’s virtual training platform

How can Strigo help you?

Differentiate your training service

Offer unique hands-on training experiences both in-person and remotely. Set yourself apart with innovative course delivery that requires zero setups by the learners and takes place in collaborative, highly engaging digital learning environments.

Save pre-course setup time and hassle

Cut all the manual IT work by streamlining labs for all learners.

Expand your training offering

Go beyond instructor-led training and offer on-demand practice environments that complement the live training.

Drive your trainers to excel

Give your trainers superpowers like seeing all learners' screens, 1 click collaboration, and real-time engagement data and see their performance skyrocket.

Evolve your software training today!