Drive your workforce to excel with impactful hands-on training

Embed labs into your internal university

Build, manage and track labs with ease

Deliver impactful VILT experiences

Give employees the chance to learn without breaking production

Forget chasing your IT team for training sandboxes and enjoy a managed lab solution that lets you build, deploy and track hands-on labs.

Embed in your LMS or website

Side-by-side exercises

Seamless learner journey

Deliver impact at scale with higher completion rates in self-served courses

Add hands-on labs to your self-paced courses and enjoy higher engagement and completion rates. Your learners will appreciate the more active approach of learning and you’ll gain a more skilled workforce.

Reach your distributed workforce with impactful VILT sessions

Engage your learners remotely with active, hands-on learning that takes place in a specialized learning environment. Give your trainers superpowers by allowing them to see all learners’ screens, track their progress and offer timely assistance.

“Super easy to use live labs, our learners love it!”
   Curriculum team lead, Strigo user

How can Strigo help you?

Increase employees productivity

Learning by doing results in well-educated employees who possess practical knowledge and valuable skills, leading to increased workplace efficiency and productivity.

Save money on IT resources

Don't waste money on IT resources that aren't being used. Scale your IT resources up or down as needed.

Become less reliant on your IT team

A fully managed lab solution means you can create and maintain your own sandbox templates, without requiring IT resources, allowing you and your team to be more flexible and attentive to your learner needs

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