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How Zenika grew their training sales & CSAT with Strigo's virtual training platform


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Zenika is a global software training firm that was looking for a quick solution to migrate its rich training program online.

Strigo’s hands-on training platform answered all of Zenika’s needs, providing an all-in-one virtual platform that truly mimics the dynamics of in-person training.

Zenika sold more remote training, grew its business, and improved customer satisfaction with Strigo.


Moving to 100% online training with no time to waste

At the core of Zenika’s software training business is the high value it places on social interactions and relationship-building that occur during face-to-face training sessions. Zenika offers a rich curriculum of over 100 different courses, with 200 instructors across the world delivering training. When COVID hit, the company needed a quick and simple way to migrate its entire program to a remote training platform, while maintaining the personal touch unique to their in-person training.

Their training IT resources were also complex to manage, and they wanted to implement more optimized processes for setting up, transporting, and shutting down devices and VMs for training sessions.

“The COVID-19 pandemic struck, and since we only taught face-to-face, it meant no sales at all for the training department.”
Olivier Huber, Training and Development Manager


A multi-purpose platform with a dynamic hands-on training environment

The Strigo training platform offered everything that Zenika needed within one unified, online training environment. Using Strigo, Zenika is able to train customers, train its trainers, conduct internal meetings, and host large events all via the platform, as well as integrate live coding into training.

The platform enables trainers to easily create new classes and curriculum that suit their own training styles, or to invite teaching assistants into the virtual classroom to create a richer learning experience or provide technical assistance.

With Strigo, virtual training sessions are engaging and dynamic, and truly mirror a face-to-face learning experience where instructors can stay focused on delivering high-quality training without having to troubleshoot IT and set-up issues. They’re able to move seamlessly between lectures and lab work, monitor students’ progress, and provide individual assistance by clicking on a specific student’s lab space. Strigo even added some new features, such as multi-participant cameras, upon special request from Zenika.

Strigo’s solution also works for in-person training, providing an all-in-one platform to manage presentations and VMs. This creates a solid foundation for Zenika both now and in the future, when face-to-face training may be possible again.

Up and running in just a few weeks

Within several weeks, Zenika had moved from zero to 100% remote training with Strigo. The implementation was simple and delivered quick time to value:

Training sessions were quickly migrated

Trainers were trained on how to use the system in under one hour

Presentations were easily upgraded

Scripts were quickly generated for the virtual labs

Easy to add new courses to the remote catalogue


More training sold in 2021 & increased customer satisfaction

Expansion through remote training

In 2020, Zenika delivered over 4000 hours of training with Strigo. Despite the year’s uncertainty, there were no dips in business and they actually sold more training year over year. Offering remote training also enabled Zenika to grow its business internationally and attract new customers who normally would be unable to travel to a Zenika hub for training.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction was up too – in a survey of 1,700 trainees, trainer performance ratings and course evaluations had both increased. Likewise, trainers were impressed with the Strigo platform and its ease of use.

Optimized resource utilization and minimized IT expenses

With the Strigo platform, Zenika was able to improve resource utilization & minimize IT expenses since the provisioning and tear-down of virtual labs is done automatically.

“Zenika's success with the Strigo platform went beyond all expectations, enabling the company to successfully grow its training program and its business.”
Olivier Huber, Training and Development Manager

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