Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning, also known as blended learning, is an educational approach that combines in-person/virtual instructor-led training with on-demand training activities. Hybrid learning aims to integrate instructor-led and on-demand learning strengths to create a more effective and flexible educational experience.

How does hybrid learning work?

In a hybrid learning environment, learners typically participate in instructor-led classroom sessions and online activities. The online component often involves using digital resources, multimedia materials, and interactive exercises. This approach allows for a more personalized and adaptive learning experience, as learners can access and review content at their own pace while still benefiting from the guidance and interaction provided in the traditional classroom setting.

Hybrid learning models can vary, and trainers may use various tools and platforms to deliver on-demand content, such as learning management systems, video lectures, discussion forums, and other interactive technologies. The specific mix of instructor-led and on-demand components depends on the goals of the course or program, as well as the preferences and needs of the learners.

Hybrid learning is designed to leverage instructor-led and on-demand training advantages, providing a more dynamic and responsive learning environment. It is often seen as a way to enhance learner engagement, promote active learning, and accommodate diverse learning styles.

How can Strigo help you?

Strigo's Classroom and Labs platform offers the most effective way to deliver hands-on hybrid learning.

For instructor-led training, Strigo's classroom empowers organizations to deliver highly engaging, super-effective software training sessions. The virtual classroom allows trainers to see how learners interact with the product in real time and offer instant collaborative assistance, keeping learners engaged and increasing overall satisfaction and product expertise. Leading software companies like NICE, Elastic, and NCR use Strigo's solution to deliver their product training to customers and partners. Strigo customers see an improvement of over 50% in learner engagement and 20% in learner satisfaction.

Strigo Labs empowers organizations to engage learners with hands-on labs that allow them to learn any software by using it. Our labs provide everything the learner needs to succeed and can be easily accessed through a browser.

With Strigo, organizations are empowered to establish scalable and effective hands-on hybrid learning programs.

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