Learning Management System (LMS)

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software or SaaS application for administering educational resources, training programs, and other learning processes. An LMS usually includes a platform for trainers to aggregate and distribute content such as video lessons and documents, as well as a second interface for learners to access materials. LMSs are encouraged to conform to the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), a set of standards by the Advanced Distance Learning Group on how LMSs should function and how to structure content. Some LMSs include interactive features such as live classes, chat rooms, discussion forums, video conferencing, and more, while others focus mostly on management functionality.

How are Learning Management Systems used?

The use of Learning Management Systems for learning and training purposes is growing. Business organizations often use LMSs for onboarding new customers, employees, and partners and providing them with ongoing training and educational resources. Software and technology providers often rely on LMSs to teach customers and partners how to use their product since online training improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An LMS is also a great platform to offer employees opportunities to develop new skills or to complete compliance training. Since many organizations require employees to periodically review regulations or industry standards, an LMS allows them to track employee progress and ensure everyone completes their training on time.

LMSs offer many benefits, including flexibility for learners who can study at their own pace and the ability for trainers to monitor progress and performance. LMSs can also store educational resources that learners can access at their convenience and reference even after they complete a course. With an LMS, organizations can also be sure their content is consistent. Rather than having different trainers teaching learners in different locations, each learner has access to the same content, which can be centrally managed and updated as needed.

This is Where Strigo Comes In!

Not only does Strigo’s Product Education Platform easily integrates into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) and other systems, it offers similar capabilities in many ways with a focus on your product as the center of training experience.

We offer powerful APIs that automate your existing training workflow with Strigo, essentially powering up your learning management system by, for example, generating live events and labs based on enrollments. Strigo can also integrate with GitHub to pull documents over so you have everything you need in one place, as well as export training and engagement data to your favorite BI tools so you can monitor the true impact of your training programs.

Beyond the robust integration options, the Strigo platform offers LMS-like capabilities such as tracking learner journey and where they need assistance, embedded learning materials and flexible reporting, as well as all the required management, scheduling and assessment tools.

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