Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)

What is VILT?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a learning method in which the instructor and learner are in separate locations, yet meet in a virtual or simulated environment where the instructor provides training to the learner. With VILT, learners get access to lectures from the virtual instructor, as well as course materials and direct communications with the instructor.

As a form of web-based training led by a virtual instructor, VILT requires an instructional system design that is optimized for online learning. Instructors need to employ VILT best practices in order to maximize engagement and interactivity with learners. This may include creating shorter lessons, adding assistants who can support the instructor and answer questions during classes, and ensuring that all content is available and updated.

VILT also offers many benefits for organizations including cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and flexibility. For example, a company may decide to break up a training session into multiple, shorter sessions, allowing for learners to practice and understand the content in between sessions. In an in-person training environment, this is much less practical and difficult to implement. VILT is also exceptionally accessible, allowing instructors and learners to participate from anywhere that has an internet connection.

How is VILT used?

VILT is used by many businesses and organizations to provide educational resources to employees, partners, and customers. For example, onboarding for new employees or on-demand training for current employees. VILT is also useful for customer education which can come in a variety of formats such as webinars, one-on-one sessions, and video conferencing. VILT is a great way for companies to provide employees and customers in various locations with information and resources for training and development, and instructors who can interact with learners that need guidance throughout the process.

This is Where Strigo Comes In!

Strigo’s Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) solution is an integral part of our comprehensive Customer Education Platform. It puts your product at the center of the training experience and provides everything you need in a single unified environment to ensure that product training sessions have maximum impact for both learners and trainers.

  • All-in-one VILT workspaces - Learners practice using your product in their own environment with side-by-side exercises and direct access to classroom materials.
  • Learner engagement tracked in real-time - Full visibility into what each learner is doing in the classroom and how they are interacting with your product during the session.
  • Easy collaboration - Trainers can identify learners who are struggling and offer them one-on-one assistance with the product within the classroom.
  • Improved performance - Engagement levels can be analyzed for each session to identify possible improvements for trainers and courses, as well as the overall program.

Evolve your software training today!