On-Demand Training

What is On-Demand Training?

On-demand training is a learning strategy that allows trainees to educate themselves at their own pace. Much like on-demand television services, on-demand training allows learners to decide when and what courses to take — whenever they feel they need it or simply whenever is most convenient for them. The training service will then save their spot so they can return to wherever they left off at a later date.

Unlike traditional training methods, which include a classroom and instructor who determines the pace and content of each session, self-paced training gives the learner far more autonomy. This allows them to access relevant materials as needed and helps them become more involved as they set the pace and decide what they want to learn. An active learning approach also makes training more effective because it requires more motivation and leads to better knowledge retention and more course completions.

Uses of On-Demand Training

On-demand training is used for many applications including onboarding new customers and employees, as well as their ongoing training needs. During the onboarding process, on-demand learning helps learners absorb new information, rather than be overwhelmed with everything they need to learn when starting to use a new product or beginning a new job.

For ongoing training, on-demand education allows learners to complete training in between their other work responsibilities and tasks. In fact, recent studies show that microlearning, meaning absorbing new information via short pieces of content, can be very effective. Rather than sitting through long lectures or webinars, trainees can absorb short training modules at their convenience, which leads to better information retention.

On-demand training is especially important today as the number of remote employees is rising. Whether for customer training or employee training, with more people working from home, on-demand is an effective method for ensuring that they all have access to the same training materials.

This is Where Strigo Comes In!

Strigo’s on-demand training module, which is an integral part of our comprehensive Product Education Platform, puts your product in the center of training experience. It enables you to rapidly deploy cutting edge e-learning experiences that provide interactive hands-on training from within your software.

  • Move your academy into your product - Deliver frictionless software training experiences that are available in the product - exactly where and when learners need them the most.
  • Offer active on-demand ‘learning by doing’ - Provide hands-on product tutorials and exercises with side-by-side instructions and integrated documents, images and videos.
  • Provide integrated assessments - Add questions and quizzes to the in-product training experience for scalable, automatically graded assessments.
  • Track learner progress across their journey - Monitor learners to see how well they are doing by gaining direct visibility into the metrics that matter.

Self-paced training increases the effectiveness of your education programs at scale, significantly improving both learner engagement and product adoption. The benefits of on-demand education programs include:

  • Provide highly interactive self-service e-learning experiences that significantly increase the effectiveness of product education at scale.
  • Boost learner satisfaction, course completion and success rates, directly impacting both product adoption and customer growth.

Evolve your software training today!