Learning Experience

What is Learning Experience?

A learning experience (LX) is a well-planned journey designed to unlock meaningful understanding while engaging in a learning activity or program. It encompasses the entire process of learning, including the environment, interactions, resources, and the learner's perceptions and emotions.

A well-designed learning experience aims to engage and motivate learners, making learning more effective and enjoyable.

Key elements of learning experience include:

  • Content: The quality and relevance of the presented learning materials or information.
  • Interaction: Opportunities for learners to actively engage with the content, instructors, and other learners, fostering collaboration and discussion.
  • Technology: The use of educational technology to enhance learning, such as application simulations, online discussions, or presentations.
  • Assessment: Meaningful methods to evaluate learners' understanding and progress.
  • Environment: The physical or digital space where learning takes place, including its design and accessibility.

In short, learner experience is about the entire journey, not just content. It considers delivery methods, emotional aspects, and social interactions. A positive learner experience boosts retention, motivation, and lasting knowledge acquisition.

How can Strigo help?

Strigo's Classroom and Labs empower organizations to create best-in-class hands-on learning experiences. It offers:

  • Easy-to-use interface for a frictionless experience.
  • Interactive activities for active engagement.
  • Real-time support for instructors to guide learners.
  • Diverse learning formats: on-demand, instructor-led, and blended.
  • Group work capabilities for collaborative learning.
  • Hands-on practice demonstrating real-world skills.

Strigo helps create seamless learner experiences that lead to lasting results.

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