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Features you won't find in any other classroom

Engage learners with in-classroom practice mode

Trainers can seamlessly transition the classroom into a dynamic practice mode, offering learners instant access to a dedicated in-classroom practice environment.

Private lab environment for each learner

Side-by-side exercises

No need to log-in to additional tools

See all learners' screens at once

Witness firsthand how learners interact with the software, which allows you to track their progress effectively and offer timely assistance.

View all learners' labs at once

Thumbnail view

Jump to one-on-one assistance calls

Stay connected with your learners every step of the way. Effortlessly monitor their engagement levels, ensuring everyone remains actively involved and offer timely support as needed.

1-click lab visits

Private a/v rooms

Instant notifications on assistance calls

Gain insights into learner engagement and behavior

Real-time engagement data is analyzed to provide insights into learner and curriculum performance. This analysis includes tracking learners' progress during exercises, identifying top communicators, and monitoring overall engagement levels.

Identify course champions and learners at risk

Track engagement levels over time

Track learner participation

A perfect fit for any training style

Small groups

The intuitive monitoring and collaboration tools allow you to easily deliver your course to any classic-sized group. Need a hand? invite a training assistant to help take some of the load off while you deliver the presentation.

Large workshops

Delivering highly-technical workshops to large groups is now possible thanks to Strigo’s unparalleled visibility and control. Work efficiently with several training assistants to juggle the load and make sure each learner gets the needed support.

In-person & hybrid training

Strigo works amazingly well for in-person sessions, eliminating the need for cumbersome technical setups or expensive, outdated classroom control software. Learners connecting from home can follow along and participate as if they’re part of the classroom.

“It's a cutting-edge VILT tool that ticks all boxes”
Lene' Eksteen | Learning Services Manager

Equipped with all the tools you need to engage your learners

Audio and video

Bring enterprise-grade video and audio to your virtual training with support for up to 300 video participants.


Exchange private and public chat messages with attendees, including mentions, threaded conversations, reactions and more.


Make your training more human, productive, and fun by allowing trainers to share drawings and images and invite learners to collaborate.

File sharing

Share course materials, images and videos with your learners.

Screen sharing

Share data, demonstrate software processes, and dynamically collaborate in real-time.

Hand raising

Learners can get your attention by using a virtual hand raise when they need to ask a question or seek clarification.

Breakout rooms

Group learners in breakout rooms to encourage more intimate and collaborative learning.


Produce high-quality server-side recordings that you can share with attendees.


Gain insights into participant engagement, attendance, and feedback to assess the success of your training sessions.

What is your training use-case?

Customer education

Turn your VILT and self-paced training into highly engaging and interactive experiences.

Workforce upskilling

Reach your globally distributed workforce and streamline your in-house IT training operations.

Professional IT training

Stand out by providing your trainers and learners with the best hands-on training experience.

“Strigo helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth.”

Rocio Diskin | Sr. Global Education Operations Manager, Elastic

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“Strigo's team is very flexible and accommodating to our needs as a large enterprise.”

Steve Fister | Site Reliability Engineer - Education, Tibco

“Strigo helps us identify what works and what doesn’t work, allowing us to continually improve our classes and provide more value to our learners.”

Marc DiPasquale | Director of Developer Advocacy, Solace

“Strigo ticks all boxes from easy implementation, ease of use, great UI, and stable technical performance.”

Lene' Eksteen | Learning Services Manager, The Access Group

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