Learning Insights

What are learning insights?

Learning insights, which are based on data collected throughout the educational process, lead to a greater understanding of learning (and teaching) activities. Insights can be related to training content, trainer performance, and learner success.

Properly utilizing learning insights leads to data-driven training which enables organizations to optimize their online instruction based on the data they collect.

For example, learning insights can help trainers understand what types of content and which trainers drive the most learner engagement and participation. Regarding learners, learning insights can include their attendance records, participation levels, engagement metrics, and overall performance throughout a course.

How can you utilize learning insights?

Trainers can use learning insights to understand the quality of the training they provide so they can adjust and improve their methods and ultimately the learning experience. For example, learning insights might give a trainer information about engagement drops during certain points in an online course. This could mean that learners are not connecting with or absorbing the materials. Knowing this, a trainer could adjust their curriculum and how they deliver information to improve engagement at these specific points.

Learning insights can also let trainers know which learners are excelling and which may be lagging. With this knowledge, trainers can provide extra assistance to learners in need, even without the learner notifying the trainer that they are struggling.

On an organizational level, learning insights can help improve an overall remote learning experience for employees, partners, and customers. This data can tell organizations who are their best trainers and get valuable insights into these trainers’ strengths. This allows them to replicate their top trainers’ best practices. This way, they can ensure that all learners receive the best training experience, thus improving employee performance and customer satisfaction.

This is Where Strigo Comes In!

With Strigo’s powerful Customer Education platform, you gain true visibility into your training delivery. This allows training teams to make more informed decisions, effectively optimize their programs, and improve learner engagement and success with easy-to-action training insights.

With powerful learning insights companies can quickly optimize their training operations:

  • Improve the curriculum - learn where and why learner engagement drops, so you know where and how to improve performance.
  • Drive learner success - discover which learners need more assistance, then support them as needed.
  • Empower the training team - replicate what the best trainers do so the entire team can become top trainers.

Strigo’s platform enables companies to measure the things that really matter:

  • Content insights - A detailed view of which moments and content in the course drive the most learner engagement and participation.
  • Trainer insights - Performance of trainers across your curriculum and which ones drive the most engagement so overall performance can be improved.
  • Learner insights - Individual attendance records, participation levels, and engagement metrics throughout the course.

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