Customer Education

What is Customer Education?

Customer education means teaching customers about your product or service: what value it provides and how to use it, as well as additional information on new features and updates. It is a very important function that helps turn prospective customers into productive customers while ensuring satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Customer education can come in a variety of on-demand formats — webinars, blogs, knowledge bases, videos and articles among others. Some companies also provide virtual or in-person live training sessions, either one-on-one or in a group using a customer education platform.

Having a robust customer education strategy is very beneficial to businesses. Not only does it improve customer retention and loyalty, but it can also reduce pressure on customer service, leading to fewer customer requests and phone calls, and ultimately fewer unsatisfied customers.

Uses of Customer Education

Almost every company employs some level of customer education. At the most basic level, companies must educate customers on what their company is about and how their products or services can help them. Other companies, such as many SaaS (software-as-a-service) startups or those with complex software products, have far more intricate customer education programs specifically designed to show how to address the challenges their customers face.

Customer’s education needs vary throughout the customer lifecycle. Before a customer makes a purchase, they must be educated on the purpose and benefits of the product. This education helps potential customers decide whether the product is right for them.

Once a customer makes a purchase, their education includes onboarding and teaching them how to become productive users. At this stage, customer education focuses on ensuring that customers gain the most value from the product for their specific needs.

Many companies also provide ongoing customer education. This may include highlighting underused features or use cases, introducing new features, and teaching usage concepts and best practices. This type of customer education focuses on retention and ensuring customers get maximum value out of each product improvement.

This is Where Strigo Comes In!

Strigo’s Customer Education Platform enables software/SaaS companies to deliver flawless product learning experiences at scale across the entire customer lifecycle including onboarding, certification and ongoing training, as well as support, marketing, sales and POCs.

Our hands-on training platform uniquely combines interactive learning across multiple modalities with actionable data-driven learning insights that help training teams quickly optimize their programs. The platform offers companies the ability to provide their customers with:

Our platform supports your customer education strategy by empowering both the trainers and the trainees and providing all the tools needed to achieve optimal learner engagement. We have helped our customers ramp up their customer education programs while significantly improving their learner engagement and completion rates, leading to far better time-to-value, customer retention and account growth.

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