Product roundup: What's new in the Strigo platform?

Ben Shoval
December 15, 2021
 min read
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It’s been a while since we last posted a roundup of the most recent additions to the Strigo platform, but we’ve been continuously adding innovative new features to help our customers maximize the impact of their product education programs.

Here are some of the latest and greatest:

  • New admin console
    Streamlined design, more reliable and great new features. What more can a user ask for? The console has a new backend and design but still uses the same friendly structure so our long-time customers should feel right at home. Also, while it may not be as obvious, the admin console has an entirely new infrastructure which means that we have significantly improved both product reliability and development timelines. And using the new features you can now import exercises from Github, duplicate class templates, extend individual on-demand enrollments, and set event time zones.
  • Reporting and insights engine
    We recently introduced our new reporting and analytics engine and its slate of actionable insights which help our customers easily make more informed decisions about their training programs. These include the ability to monitor monthly activity and volume, identify under-performing classes, improve resource allocations and much much more.
    The latest releases include:
  • Event-level engagement analysis provides visibility into what learners are doing during each training session, enabling you to identify the points in time when engagement increased or decreased and optimize future classes to ensure top performance.
  • Virtual training activity reports at the organizational level enable training teams to monitor virtual classroom activity and analyze class performance.
  • Learner highlights help training teams ensure that each and every person in their courses ends up learning everything that they were meant to learn.
  • Zapier integrations
    Seamless integrations are key to working with any platform, and now you can easily integrate your systems with Strigo. Do you have an LMS that you want to integrate with Strigo in order to enroll learners in on-demand courses or schedule private events with attendees that registered through your portal? Do you want to trigger certain actions, such as sending an email to enrolled learners or notifying a new trainer when they're added to your Strigo training team?
    Our Zapier integration allows our customers to perform actions in other services based on things happening within Strigo (e.g., a user was enrolled in an on-demand course) or perform actions within Strigo based on things happening in other services. This integration requires absolutely no code so that it can be performed by the education team without having to rely on IT resources.
Zapier integration
Zapier integration2
  • Lab support for foreign keyboards
    Learners can now use different keyboard layouts to correctly interact with the remote machine. This enables learners from anywhere in the world to use their local keyboard layout and have all the keyboard shortcuts and special characters properly transferred to the machine.
Additional keyboard languages

Coming very soon!
We’ll be releasing many more exciting features very soon including the ability to record live training events, as well as significant enhancements to our data-driven insights such as engagement scores, learner-level behavior tracking, and other stats which are only available through the Strigo platform. Stay tuned!

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