Podcast: Strigo and the next generation of VILT

Ben Shoval
October 23, 2023
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Strigo recently had the pleasure of participating in a CElab episode dedicated to VILT in customer education.

On this podcast, Strigo’s Nevo Peretz joins forces with Dan Braithwaite from Mediaocean and Dave Derington of the Customer Education Laboratories podcast to talk about the role of virtual instructor-led training in customer education, how Covid shaped where we are today and what the future holds for VILT.

Listen in as we delve into the resurgence of instructor-led training, the transition to virtual classrooms, the financial and customer perception challenges of remote training, and the limitations of previous platforms. The discussion also focuses on the importance of seamless customer education and how Strigo’s platform is changing the game for software companies, IT training companies, consulting firms, and LND teams involved in digital transformation processes.

Listen in as we discuss

  • National Corned Beef Day
  • The resurgence of instructor-led training and its advantages
  • The transition from traditional training to virtual classrooms
  • Financial and customer perception challenges of this shift
  • Importance of seamless customer education for customer life cycle
  • The Strigo’s approach for VILT: active, engaging, and hands-on learning experience offered by Strigo
  • Strigo’s impact on business through customer comfort and trust explored
  • How MediaOcean used Strigo for training needs
  • Virtual classroom – the potential of remote training

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