From Zero to 100%: How Zenika sold more remote training & grew its business

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February 4, 2021
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When in-person training was disrupted in 2020, many organizations had to quickly move all training to an online platform, or else their training program would cease to be.

In a recent live webinar, Strigo’s Michael ״MJ״ Jaindl sat down with Zenika leaders Olivier Huber and Yoan Rousseau to discuss how the software training company shifted to offer exclusively remote training that has surpassed all expectations.

The three discussed how to create a hands-on training experience to empower customers with the product knowledge and skills they need for success. Jaindl also gave an in-depth product demo of Strigo’s Remote Training Platform.

In case you missed it, here’s a short recap:

Zenika’s Pivot to Remote Hands-on Training

  • Zenika admits that they were skeptical of online training, as it lacks the social interaction that you have with face-to-face training. But they had no choice. When COVID hit, they needed to move training online.
  • Within a few days, Zenika was able to take one of their regular courses, plug it into Strigo’s platform, and offer it as a remote training option. Within several weeks, Zenika had moved from zero to 100% remote training, with all of their courses available on Strigo.
  • Zenika’s training program offers over 100 different courses and has 200 trainers. The company invested in training their trainers on a weekly basis for over six months to bring everyone up to speed on the Strigo platform.

Zenika’s Success with Strigo’s Remote Training Platform

  • In November 2020, Zenika had sold more training than in November 2019, all due to using the Strigo platform. What’s more, customer satisfaction was up – in a survey of 1,700 trainees, trainer performance ratings and course evaluations had both increased.
  • Zenika praised Strigo for its ease of use, highlighting two key features:
  • Single platform, multi-functional – since everything is in one place and there’s no need to jump between apps, trainers and trainees can concentrate on the content itself
  • IT optimization  – you don’t need to worry about creating your lab infrastructure, as provisioning and tear-down of virtual labs is done automatically
  • Zenika plans to continue using Strigo, even in a post-pandemic world, because it enables them to reach more trainees around the globe and around the country. Even when resuming face-to-face training, they see Strigo as a powerful tool for managing slides and labs all in one place.

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