Business outcomes from customer training

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April 7, 2021
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Customer training isn’t just about empowering customers; it also empowers your business with outcomes like more revenue, retention, and intelligence for the entire organization. It has a significant and measurable impact on important business KPIs:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSat) to measure customer satisfaction
  • Customer Health Score to qualify customer comfort or churn-risk
  • Product Usage to illustrate the value your product provides
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to forecast subscription revenues

Understanding these metrics helps Customer Training collaborate across the company and deliver a far-reaching impact that meets the business’ most critical objectives.

Objective: Drive customer retention with customer training

Customer training doesn’t only support new customers. Customer training can provide ongoing support to existing customers – aligning with your Customer Success team will help you provide training to drive customer retention.

  • Using data like NPS, CSat & Customer Behavior Scores, create a proactive training program to target less satisfied customers before they are at severe risk. Rather than relying on Customer Support to relieve roadblocks after they’ve happened, Customer Training can prevent roadblocks by working with Customer Success to ensure the right curriculum reaches the right customer at the right moment.
  • Integrate Customer Success into training courses so customer outcomes become a shared objective, not passing the ״hot potato.” Virtual Instructor Led Training from Strigo creates a communal training experience: Customer Training can lead the session; Customer Success can attend as an assistant or a viewer; and as few or as many customers can join, even up to the hundreds for large training events.

Objective: Close deals with customer training

Customer training isn’t only relevant after a new contract is signed – customer training can support sales to help drive prospects-in-progress across the finish line.

  • Using data like forecasted ARR or MRR (Annual Recurring Revenue and Monthly Recurring Revenue respectively), Customer Training can step in to target significant deals and expedite the sales cycle by getting prospects hands-on with the product even before the deal is closed. By assessing the financial value of deals in the pipeline, the company can put “all hands on deck” to invest in deals that will make a big impact.
  • Scale sales outreach & acquisition by using training to amplify sales from 1-to-1 meetings to 1-to-many collaborative demonstrations. Virtual Labs from Strigo allow users from anywhere to join a product demonstration as well as to actively take part in a guided, product trial. Strigo’s platform allows multiple session leaders – such as Customer Training and Sales – to lead a session in parallel, to provide 1:1 product assistance without leaving the training classroom, and to easily administer up to hundreds of attendees with instantly provisioned virtual machines that allow for a personalized product experience.

Objective: Improve product usage & performance with customer training

Customer training is on the frontline of the product experience and can support the product strategy twofold: inducting customers into the latest product releases, as well as feeding back to the Product Team about product experience friction.

  • Using data about product usage can help training create more purposeful training curriculum, highlighting the most popular or valuable areas of the product or educating customers where data show the product experience has some obstacles.
  • Maximize training engagement & knowledge retention by creating interactive product exercises that guide and test learners, and that enable trainer-trainee collaboration at any necessary milestones. On-Demand Learning with Strigo allows for curriculum and labs to be accessed anytime at the customer’s convenience, provisioned for multi-day courses, and evaluated by a trainer as a learner completes exercises and progresses through the curriculum. With access to assistance and evaluations, learners gain more confidence in using the product and trainers stay active with learners throughout the course.

See how Customer Training can provide all these benefits, and more, to the Customer Success, Sales, and Product Teams with a short demo of Strigo’s Virtual Training Platform.

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